Starbucks Digital Interactive Cup

The Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer: One push of a button is all it takes to give employees a boost with fresh, perfectly brewed coffee, just like you get at Starbucks®. The brewer automatically measures and grinds real whole bean Starbucks coffee, then brews a fresh, single cup. And the Starbucks® Interactive Cup™ Brewer looks great, creating a positive, lasting impression on employees and clients.

Digital I-Cup

  • You can now offer clients the Starbucks coffee they love with a new digital experience.
  • The intuitive design helps deliver the premium experience of Starbucks Coffee in a more personal setting.
  • H: 42″ W: 16″ D: 22.5″

Classic I-cup

  • This is the brewer that invented whole bean to single cup.  Reproducing the Starbucks cafe experience, there is no other brewer out there that stands up to this machine’s quality and resilience.
  • H: 42″ W: 16″ D: 22.5″


  • Place your Starbucks I-Cup onto a custom cabinet to greatly increase the waste bin size or just use it as extra storage.
  • H: 26.5″ W: 18″ D: 21.5″

optional carafe

  • Enable your Starbucks I-Cup’s carafe brewing option to brew a pot of coffee just in time for that board meeting!


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