Whole Bean Single Cup Brewers

Coffee brewers have come a long way from the traditional glass bowl systems. Knowing that coffee is truly a personalized ritual, manufacturers across the globe have invested millions into instant coffee brewing technology. Wosks Coffee Service has been there from the beginning and has worked with the leaders of the industry to provide the most advanced and reliable equipment there is! Our technicians account for over 60 years of combined experience to ensure the most sophisticated whole bean to single cup brewers that we place in your office run as smooth and as reliably as the family car. Plus, they make a heck of a cup of coffee!

Dejong Duke Digital Brewer

DeJong Duke brews espressos and specialty coffees in the most attractive way possible with a gorgeous touch screen and a build like no other.

Starbucks I-Cup

The Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer: One push of a button is all it takes to give employees a boost with fresh, perfectly brewed coffee, just like you get at Starbucks®.

Avalon + Cafection Systems

Cafection understands the importance of choosing the perfect bean to cup brewer. Built to last in Canada!

VKI Eccellenza Touch

The first of its kind, the revolutionary new brewer in the Eccellenza Touch alleviates mess and clean up, while ensuring the convenience, consistent taste and quality.

Necta Systems

Necta products provide exceptional value for money combined with elegant and contemporary Italian design.

Saeco & Carimali Espresso Machines

Saeco Automatic Espresso Machines grind fresh whole beans to order with the push of a button!


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