Thermal Carafes

All of our traditional thermal drip coffee brewers are set at the optimum brewing temperature yielding 64 ounces of coffee. This is the industry standard set by the leading coffee roasters in the country. How you serve it is entirely up to you! Please have a look below to see what you would like your coffee served!


  • SSG aka Short Sight Gauge thermos.
  • Our most popular thermal carafe features dual insulation, a large sight gauge and a flip handle for easy transportation.
  • Coffee is brewed directly through a ball float top and is transported to a separate stand to easily serve coffee cups and tall travel mugs.


  • TSG aka Tall Sight Gauge thermos.
  • Similar to the SSG, coffee is brewed directly through the ball float top. The TSG can be left in place of the machine for immediate serving to coffee cups or transferred to the counter where the next thermos can start brewing.
  • Note: Does not fit travel mugs.

traditional pump

  • Clean and attractive, the traditional pump thermos allows coffee to be dispensed via the centre pump mechanism into any size cup.
  • Flip the lid back┬áto brew coffee through the centre stem; close the lid to activate the pump mechanism.

lever pump

  • Similar to the traditional pump, this thermos features a lever for ease of dispensing coffee!
  • Additionally, the lever can be lowered and locked into place before brewing in order to prevent accidental dispensing.

restaurant pour

  • A classic beauty. No gauges to get dirty, no pumps to fiddle with, just tip and pour.
  • Features a stainless steel body with thick walls to keep coffee hot and flowing.


  • Don’t let it’s small size fool you! This stainless steel thermos holds the same amount of coffee as it’s bigger brother, the restaurant pour thermos. When space is an issue, a low profile coffee brewer and the superbowl combination gets the job done!

new style ssg/tsg

  • Limited supply.
  • Similar to the classic SSG and TSG, these thermoses require a custom matching stand.


  • Limited supply.
  • Designed for use only with Starbucks Classic I-Cups and Digital I-Cups.


  • Holds up to 3 pump thermoses.


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