Traditional Thermal Drip Brewers

There's beauty in simplicity. Since 1959, these traditional thermal drip brewers have remained relatively unchanged. Just pour a pre-portioned pouch of ground coffee into a filter basket and press brew. In just a few minutes, your office will be rich with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee! With a dedicated hot water spigot, a small footprint and low cost, this is the standard in office coffee solutions.

Curtis Digital Systems

Recognizing a growing consumer need for gourmet coffee, Curtis was one of the first coffee equipment manufacturers to introduce innovative technologies that allowed commercial coffee makers to extract the full flavor and complexities of modern coffee roasts and blends.

Newco Systems

Newco is a quality manufacturer of commercial coffee brewing equipment and related accessories in the Office Coffee Service (OCS) and Food Service Industries.

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Grind whole beans fresh in your office!

Thermal Carafes

From stainless steel to sight gauges, how you would like your coffee served is entirely up to you!


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