Higgins & Burke Tea

There are many tea flavours to be explored. From black to flavoured black, green, herbal, rooibos and white, the taste sensations created by tea are sure to excite you. The difference between one tea and the next is determined by the plant it comes from and the processing used to prepare it. More specifically, it is the chemical reaction that occurs when the leaves are exposed to air. Each tea’s special character starts here.

green tea


The delicate, naturally sweet flavour of the Premium Sencha steamed green tea is enhanced with lemongrass and lemon balm herb for an exceptional taste experience. (20 ct)

earl grey


Hand-selected premium black teas from Asia provide the foundation for this regal blend but it is the essence of Italian bergamot (a fragrant orange) folded with Floidian lemon which gives our Earl Grey its flavour and aroma of distinction. (20 ct)



Brimming with the full-bodied flavour of premium Assam and Ceylon teas, this hearty blend is delightful on its own or with milk and sugar. (20 ct)



Celebrated for their restorative benefits, spicy ginger root and uplifting ginseng meet in this invigorating and revitalizing caffeine-free herbal tea. (20 ct)



Praised for its ability to strengthen the immune system, the Echinacea flower is at the heart of this good-for-you brew. Spearmint and lemongrass give this milky, caffeine-free tea a truly soothing taste experience. (20 ct)



This refreshing infusion is made with pure premium Oregon peppermint, regarded as the best in the world. Bursting with cool menthol, our caffeine-free Peppermint tea provides an invigorating flavour. (20 ct)



Journey to ancient Egypt, the home of our premium Chamomile. Naturally caffeine free, this calming herbal tea features the sweet honey taste of pure chamomile pollen. A soothing escape to a different time and place. (20 ct)



Smooth and satisfying, our Honey Lemon herbal tea is a gentle fusion of lemongrass, orange peel, zesty lemons and the sweet flavour of honey. Soothe your soul any time with this caffeine-free beverage. (20 ct)



Pour yourself some comfort. As fragrant as warm apple pie, our Apple Cinnamon herbal tea blends the naturally sweet flavour of apple with cinnamon and cloves. Delicious any time. (20 ct)



Bursting with the natural goodness of pomegranate and cranberry, this refreshing blend will excite your senses and help to energize your day. Savour its benefits and lively taste. Irresistible served hot or poured over ice. (20 ct)



Sip a summer berry classic. With its alluring deep red colour and natural fruit flavours, our Raspberry Blackcurrant tea is irresistible served hot or poured over ice. (20 ct)


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