Trees For Future Program

Coffee = Trees

Wosks Coffee Service is proud to partner with 2015’s Roaster of the Year, Reunion Island Coffee Roasters, to plant 5 trees with every case of Rainforest Alliance Organic Italian Roast coffee (36 count x 2.5 oz) to help offset our carbon emissions and revitalize degraded land across the globe. In 2016, Wosks Coffee Service contributed to planting 1180 new trees that will absorb, on average, over 28 tons of CO2 emissions!

Revolution Resource Recovery

K-Cups = Soil

We're changing things. Wosks Coffee Service has teamed up with Revolution Resource Recovery for the ethical disposal of Keurig K-Cups, Mars Flavia Packets, Nespresso Capsules and more! Organic compounds in coffee pods are separated from recyclable materials at their state-of-the-art Resource Recovery Parks then shipped up to the soil farm at Revolution Ranch in Lillooet, BC.

Carbon Footprint

Fuel + Frequency of Deliveries

As a company, we strive to grow naturally and organically so that we can continue to service you in a timely and efficient manner. Our double and triple check policies force us to make sure we have the items that you have ordered on board and delivered in one trip. If we can reduce the amount of trips too, then we will encourage you to place larger orders less frequently.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Biodegradeable + Compostable

We offer a robust line up of compostable and biodegradable products including: 1L carton dairy, bulk whole bean coffee in kraft bags in reusable/resealable bags, 100% compostable coffee pods, bulk soluble powders, eco-certified paper cups, wooden stir sticks, biodegradable hand and dish soaps and more!

Local Fair Trade Organic Coffee

JJ Bean + Milano Coffee + Ethical Bean + Level Ground Trading

We are proud to partner with the best locally and world famous roasters with decades of experience in the industry. Roasters like these have mastered the craft of micro roasting which means coffee beans are blended and roasted to order for us in small batches every week to ensure quality and freshness without expending the energy needed for mass production. Each roaster also offers a fantastic line up of Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees .

Eco Friendly Compostable Pod Program

100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Single serving coffee has never been more green! Both Reunion Island and Wolfgang Puck Coffee Roasters have perfected the compostable pod by roasting the beans using 100% green electricity, encasing them in organic abaca filter paper and packing them in 100% compostable film. This is the only 100% compostable and recyclable single pack to cup coffee option.

Zero Waste Fresh Bean to Cup Program

Whole Beans Ground Fresh to Order

Featuring the best brewers from DeJong Duke, Cafection, VKI and more, our fresh bean to cup program offers bulk whole beans ground to order at the push of a button. Do away with excessive packaging to provide bulk quality coffee to your high volume coffee stations!

Curtis Brewers

Digital Brewing Technology

Curtis manufactures some of the highest quality coffee brewing equipment with parts so dependable that you never need to replace the machine. Tuned to perfection, all Curtis' will even go into a sleep mode to reduce energy consumption when the brewer is idle.

Fair Trade Organic Teas

Numi + Choice

Numi and Choice Fair Trade Organic teas have made a reputation for themselves as extremely high quality brands with numerous blends that cater to all tea drinkers.

Waste to Energy Progam

Reusable Energy Instead of the Landfill

Wosks Coffee Service has a long-standing partnership with Burnaby's Covanta Facility and Metro Vancouver for access to the industry leading Waste-To-Energy Program. We help turn used Keurig K-Cups, Mars Packets, Nespresso Capsules and more into potash for the City of Vancouver to use in their roads and electricity for BC Hydro to redistribute back into the community.


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