Caffe Monte Specialty Roasters

"Caffè Monte is your specialty Coffee Roaster. Our roots stem back from humble beginnings in 2014. Every day our partners gather enthusiastically to create the perfect fresh cup throughout our locations across Canada. We are a family business where we come together to serve not only premium coffee but understand the need for quality and consistency. We come together as a community to roast some of the finest coffee. We are passionate about coffee just like you. We work with our distributors to service cafes, restaurants, and the food service industry to create custom and unique programs."
coffee symbol chart
Symbol Reference

Cafe Italiano


Smooth, creamy and nutty. Roasted in Rockyview, Alberta. (2 lbs)

Whole Bean Type

Cafe Ricco


French roast. Roasted in Rockyview, Alberta. (2 lbs)

Whole Bean Type


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